「anchor(pitch mark repair tool)」いわゆるグリーンフォークと繋いだティーは、R&Aのルール上使えますか?
R&A 2012/6/5の記事ではアライメントの援助に使えてしまうからダメと読めるように思います。一方でEQUIPMENT RULESのNoteでは援助にならないように使うなら使えると読めるように思います。どちらが正しいのか、どのように解釈すればいいのか、規則が変更になったのか等、教えてください。

Teeing the Ball
Tuesday 5 June 2012 []
Tee Connected to a Weight or Other Anchor (e.g. a pitch mark repair tool) A tee connected to a pitch mark repair tool or other weight or anchor by a length of cord or string would be regarded as non-conforming as it could be used to aid alignment. The distinction between this configuration and the above example of two or more connected tees is purely on ‘traditional’ grounds.

THE EQUIPMENT RULES 6.1 Tees (Rule 6.2) []
A tee is a device designed to raise the ball off the ground. A tee must not:
be longer than 4 inches (101.6 mm);
be designed or manufactured in such a way that it could indicate line of play; unduly influence the movement of the ball; or otherwise assist the player in making a stroke or in his play.
Note: As an exception for difficult turf conditions, tees tethered together or to an anchor may be used during the round provided that the player does not align the tees or tether in such a way that could indicate line of play or otherwise assist the player in making a stroke.


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